Bank of America is pumping $86 million into renovating its Plano campus

Bank of America is investing $ 86 million in renovating its Plano campus, the bank’s second largest office location after its headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

The campus had 4,500 workers in pre-pandemic times and consists of three buildings that the bank bought from Countrywide Financial in 2007 after taking over the subprime mortgage lender.

“I am thrilled with the significant investments we are making in our Plano facility, which are another sign of Bank of America’s commitment to our North Texas community,” said Jennifer Chandler, Market President of Dallas.

The construction work will take place in three phases until January 2023. Building A, which was built in 1999, is currently under construction. Building C, which was built in 2003, will be remodeled later this month and completed by the end of May 2022. Building B, which was built in 1999, is expected to be completed by January 2023.

The plans were designed by Dallas architect Gensler earlier this year and include height-adjustable workstations, more space for employees to work together, plenty of natural sunlight, wellness rooms, updated technology and new audiovisual options, said bank spokeswoman Carla Molina. It will also incorporate biophilia into the design or elements of nature.

Rendering of the C2 café

Rendering of the C5 pantry

Rendering of the C4 pantry

Rendering of the work café A5

Rental of the A4 open plan office

Rendering of the A2 work cafe

Rendering of the A2 work cafe

A depiction of one of the coffee shops being added to Bank of America's Plano campus buildings being renovated for $ 86 million.

Rendering of the A2 Open Office

The three buildings, totaling 734,000 square meters, have five floors each, but renovations will only include 10 of the total of 15 floors. The first floors are mostly lounges that have already been modernized, such as an updated cafe, Molina said.

While each building is being renovated, employees work remotely. Bank of America announced that employees could return to the office after Labor Day, giving priority to those vaccinated. It does not have a vaccination mandate, but requires its employees to report their COVID-19 vaccination status by November 1st.

Regardless of this, the bank is adding a large solar system across the Plano campus in order to achieve its sustainability goal of becoming CO2-free by 2050. A permit filed with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation shows an estimated cost of $ 9.5 million for the project. The bank previously installed wind turbines on campus.

Bank of America achieved carbon neutrality in 2019 by reducing emissions from its facilities and purchasing 100% renewable electricity and carbon offsets.

A company is climate neutral if it achieves net zero carbon emissions through compensation payments like planting trees to remove an equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere while it is being produced. A company is CO2-zero if it does not produce any CO2 emissions from the start.

Bank of America allocated more than $ 445 billion to its sustainability goals from 2007 to 2030. She was recently recognized by Austin-based conservation nonprofit Texan by Nature for her leadership role in conservation and sustainability.

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