Frisco residents, visitors spent $2.3M on alcohol in September. Here’s where they spent the most

Frisco bars and restaurants saw a sharp drop in total alcohol sales in September. Alcohol sales for the month were approximately $ 2.3 million, down about 65% from $ 6.6 million in August.

Sales in August were already down 12.23% from $ 7.52 million in July.

Here are the Frisco restaurants and bars where diners spent the most on alcohol in September, according to the state.

10. The common table

Alcohol sales at The Common Table were $ 165,234 in September, down 4.32% in August.

The Common Table was previously ranked 8th.

9. My Frisco kitchen

Alcohol sales at Mi Cocina totaled $ 174,678 in September, the same amount reported for August.

Mi Cocina was previously ranked 7th.

8. Gloria’s Latin American cuisine

Alcohol sales at Gloria’s Latin Cuisine totaled $ 188,412 in September, down 1.66% from $ 191,584 in August.

Gloria’s was previously ranked 5th.

7. Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille

Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille alcohol sales totaled $ 193,895 in September, down 3.94% from $ 201,850 in August.

Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille was previously ranked # 4.

6. Stonebriar Country Club

Alcohol sales at Stonebriar Country Club totaled $ 205,206 in September, up nearly 38% from $ 149,139 in August.

Stonebriar Country Club was previously placed in 10th place.

5. Trophy park

Trophy Park alcohol sales totaled $ 208,198 in September, and the venue was previously unrated.

4. The Ford Center at the Star

Alcohol sales at the Ford Center at the Star were $ 250,993, down 11% from $ 282,277 in August. The Ford Center at the Star was previously ranked 3rd.

3. Omni Frisco Hotel

Alcohol sales at the Omni Frisco Hotel were $ 253,659, of which $ 29,763 came from event coverage fees. The Omni Frisco Hotel was not previously rated.

2. Concrete cowboy

Alcohol sales at Concrete Cowboy were $ 273,696 in September, a 23% decrease from $ 356,657 in August.

Concrete Cowboy was previously ranked # 1 since February.

1. Dee Lincoln Prime

Dee Lincoln Prime alcohol sales were $ 350,940 in September, a slight decrease of 0.3% from $ 352,009 in August.

Dee Lincoln Prime was previously ranked # 2 as of February.