Healthy Food Restaurant Moves Into Beloved Bakery’s Old Space — Fort Worth Lands Its First Flower Child

The sad departure of longtime McKinley’s Bakery left a void in For Worths University Park Village. Now a hot, still young, healthy grocery chain with a kind of cult follower is conquering the space. Get ready for Fort Worth’s first flower child.

McKinley’s Bakery closed almost a year ago. Now is the time to build to transform the comfortable room into a flower child.

“Flower Child looks forward to spreading its soul-satisfying mission of bringing positively delicious vibes to Fort Worth’s neighbors, students and families,” the restaurant officials said in a statement.

Sam Fox opened Wildflower American Cuisine in Tucson, Arizona in 1998 and has since spawned dozens of evolving restaurant brands, including Flower Child, as part of his Fox Restaurant Concepts. Flower Child already has Texan restaurants in Dallas, Austin and Houston. This will be the 29th Flower Child Restaurant overall and the 10th in Texas.

Flower Child will take over the former McKinley’s Bakery location in University Park Village.

This is a place that takes many healthy eating habits and nutritional needs into account, from vegetarian and vegan to keto and paleo. It is known for its homemade meals and a customizable menu of bowls, wraps, and salads. A multitude of combinable vegetables, grains, fruits and healthy proteins give it more power.

Take the mother-and-earth bowl. It’s filled to the brim with ancient grains, sweet potatoes, portobello mushrooms, avocado, cucumber, broccoli pesto, charred onions, leafy greens, paprika miso vinaigrette and hemp seeds. The Flying Avocado Wrap is filled with smoked turkey, Gouda, Roman, tomato and avocado hummus. And the organic kale salad is garnished with pink grapefruit, organic apple, red cabbage, black currant, smoked almonds, white cheddar and apple cider vinaigrette. You can see why this place is called Blumenkind.

Fort Worth’s first Flower Child, slated to open early next year, can even help stick to New Year’s resolutions.