New Anime Convention Draws Thousands of Fans to Fort Worth – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A new convention is expected to draw around 10,000 fans to Fort Worth this weekend, according to convention officials.

Anime Frontier began at the Fort Worth Convention Center on Friday and will last through Sunday. Anime is a Japanese style of animation known for its diverse characters.

Marketing Director Lauren Dabb said the convention will bring celebrity guests and “an authentic Japanese experience in Dallas-Fort Worth.” Its exhibition space includes several shops and vendors, with the “Attack on Titan” gallery being one of its main attractions.

“The Attack on Titan gallery is celebrating the finale of one of the world’s most popular Japanese comics. It’s partnered with the book’s official editor, ”said Dabb.

This will be their first convention in Fort Worth, Dabb said. It was originally scheduled for May 2020 but has been postponed due to the pandemic.

“We work with a lot of Japanese publishers and they asked about Texas. You know there is an incredible following here. So that’s at their request, ”said Dabb. “And then [in] Fort Worth is the ambience, the hospitality. “

Several fans lined up in front of the convention center about an hour before the official doors open at 10 a.m. on Friday, disguising themselves as various anime characters. Cori Adkins is from the Carrollton area.

“My favorite thing is watching people get so passionate about any show they like and how they become one or more characters,” said Adkins. “It’s one of my favorite things and that’s why I love anime in general because it’s such a healthy and respectful community.”

With thousands of fans in town, Dabbs said the convention is expected to give a boost to businesses like nearby hotels and restaurants, as well as the vendors attending the convention.

Sierra Castleberry is a co-owner of Todd’s Toys, which launched in February. The Arlington-based company sells collectibles from anime to vintage items.

“It’s just a presence across the board for us to bring our name and products to market,” said Castleberry. “Conventions were really just like ‘Hey, we know you!’ It was really cool to see people say, ‘We saw you online … we saw you on TikTok.’ Things like that make my heart so it was cool to be here. “

All Anime Frontier attendees 12 years or older must present a negative COVID-19 test result in order to participate. Participants who are vaccinated can provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination instead of showing evidence of a negative test.

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New Anime Convention Draws Thousands of Fans to Fort Worth